Centralized concentrate distribution systems




The product goes directly from the tank of the circuit to the dialysis machine.

There is no handling from the user.

Better stability throughout the dialysis session.

Alarm and informational panel from the circuit in the dialysis room.

Bacterial contamination safety system.

The tanks are connected to a pumping system which supplies the concentrate directly into the dialysis machines.

The product is to be used in centres which have an online distribution system with sanitary compatible materials.


  • • It reduces product waste.
  • • It is an easy-to-use, safe and aseptic system.
  • • It saves time in preparation.
  • • It avoids moving canisters around the room.
  • • It reduces plastic and cardboard waste.

Technical Characteristics

DIALTANC® is available in acid concentrate (with acetic acid 1/35, 1/36, and 1/45 dilution rate) and bicarbonate.

CITRATANC is available in acid concentrate (with citric acid, 1/35, 1/36, and 1/45 dilution rate).

The acid concentrate is packed directly into the tank.

The bicarbonate concentrate is introduced into a one use blown polyethylene bag placed inside the tank. The concentrate goes directly from the bag to the distribution circuit to the machine. As the product is used, the bag folds back in itself. By using a vacuumed bag the contact of the product with the exterior is avoided, any possible contamination is prevented and the characteristic of the product, pH and conductivity, are preserved. The product is always sealed.

DIALTANC® / CITRATANC have a wide range of formulations, allowing choosing the best treatment for each patient.

Caractéristiques du conteneur

The tank has a capacity of 1000 or 600 litres, it is clear, made of high density polyethylene stabilized with ultraviolet (UV) rays. The body is placed inside a galvanized tube support and fitted into a plastic or wood pallet (stackable).

The dimensions are: for 1000 litres tank, 1000 mm x 1200 mm x 1170 mm, weight, 59 to 71kg; for 600 litres, 800 mm x 1200 mm x 995 mm, weight, 46 to 58kg.

The tank has 2 outlets, one on the top part of it which has to be loose when starting to use and the other one, on the lower part, where the circuit is connected for its distribution.

System diagram

Circuito concentrado acido



RENASELF® is a hemodialysis concentrate self-manufacturing mixing system for dialysis centres. It guarantees the final product quality and brings additional savings by distributing in a centralized way, cutting costs.

Centralized Distribution Advantages:

  • Product saving.
  • Safe, easy-to-use, and aseptic.
  • Maximizes time taken to prepare the machine.
  • Saving storage space.
  • Eliminates moving canisters manually.
  • Decreases plastic and cardboard waste.


RENALSEC®: is a product presented in a Kraft drum containing the necessary amount of different components: chlorides, bicarbonate, glucose, acetic acid, etc., to make a specific volume of acid or bicarbonate concentrate for the final composition indicated on the label.


RENALSEC® has a wide range of compositions which allows the physician to choose the right formula for each patient.

RENALSEC® is available in bicarbonate concentrate or acid concentrate. The acid concentrates are available in several formulas, to be used with powder or liquid bicarbonate in different concentrations (1/35 and 1/36).

Quality Control

RENASELF® has a pH and conductivity values reading system, thus guarantying the quality of the concentrate final solution.


RENASELF® has an automatic programmable disinfection system which controls the necessary chemical disinfectant to guarantee a complete disinfection in the whole distribution circuit, including mixing deposit, storage tank and pipes.


RENALSEC® concentrate once mixed is kept in the storage tanks. The Storage tank is connected to the pumping system, which supplies the concentrate to the dialysis machines.

The product can be used in dialysis centres with a distributing circuit and compatible sanitary materials.

Safety features

The liquid bicarbonate distribution circuit has a built in ultraviolet lamp thus avoiding any bacterial growth and polysulfone filters which eliminate endotoxins.

Connectors are adapted for each machine.

Connectors are fast, easy-to-use, safe, and dripping free.


RENASELF® system is electronic and it is operated through an Intelligent System with:

  • Acoustic and luminous signals.
  • Touch screen: mixing status can be controlled and it is easier to introduce new orders.
  • Technical controls are done via modem.
  • The intervention of an operator during the mixing process is not necessary.

System diagram

Circuito concentrado acido