Nipro Renal Solutions Spain, SL is a chemical-pharmaceutical company specialised in the manufacture of Hemodialysis concentrates for the treatment of renal diseases.

The company was founded in 1994 in Mollerusa, Lleida, since then, Nipro Renal Solutions Spain, SL has consolidated as an established manufacturer in the national and international market and it is currently the leader producer in Spain. Nipro Renal Solutions provides products used to maintain thousands of human lives.

Nipro Renal Solutions is sensible to its customers’ expectations and is aware of their needs. Nipro Renal Solutions has developed an area on innovation, research and development, which has positioned it as a leader in the industry of Concentrates for hemodialysis, Nipro Renal solutions’ priorities are quality and safety of its products.We also believe on innovation to deliver more and better options for treatment, thus improving patients’ lives.

Over the last years, Nipro Renal Solutions has open up globally. This has had a great impact on our company, our products are now recognized and accepted all over the world and are officially registered in various countries. This has given us the opportunity to acquire all the knowledge regarding legislation in different countries, such as China and Indonesia, amongst others.

Our recent alliance with the Biomedical Research Institute of the University of Lleida (IRB-Lleida) will let us move ahead for better products, therefore better treatment, better quality of life and less pathologies associated to kidney diseases.

Nipro Renal Solutions production capacity, expertise and seriousness assure our customers the quality and all requirements to manufacture their products. Nipro Renal Solutions’ committed staff, pre-production agreements respect and follow-up on all the processes guarantees the highest quality of the final product.